Magnesium Bisglycinate

In magnesium bisglycinate instead of one glycinate amino acid (like in magnesium glycinate) there are two glycine amino acids. That means that it has twice the protection from stomach acids and gets into the gut in a more organic form than with a regular glycine (glycinate is the same as glycine). The amino acids absorb well in the intestine due to its fortified organic structure, and thus the magnesium comes with it.

Our Magnesium Bisglycinate:

  • Dissolves easily and completely in purified water
  • Pure Magnesium glycinate as magnesium bisglycinate
  • May help with restoring cellular Magnesium level
  • May relieve aches and pains

Direction: As a dietary supplement, take 2.5g (1 flat teaspoon) daily with a meal (mix in a glass of clean water), or as directed by a physitian.